Strategic CX

We were impressed with the quality of work and strategic insights the Topline team was able to provide in a short period of time. Their insights helped sharpen our understanding of the customers’ path to success and included actionable recommendations on how to help along the way.” – Dayton Semerjian, CA Technologies – GM, Global Customer Success

Strategic CX is Different

B2B technology companies are pouring resources into Customer Experience (CX) to drive growth through greater retention, upselling, cross-selling, and long-term strategic alignment with their customers. However, based on our research, only 23% of B2B technology companies are getting the value they expected from Customer Success and CX.

The Reason: Many are getting stuck in the ‘Tactical Trap’ of relying too heavily on metrics. Most CX initiatives start the same way, by focusing on metrics such as NPS, CSAT, Health Scores, and more. However, while metrics help companies make impressive gains at first, they quickly hit the point of diminishing returns. This is the ‘Tactical Trap’ that many companies find themselves in – investing more and more in metrics but getting less and less value over time.

The Benefits of CX Leadership in B2B Technology

Topline’s StrategicCX Practice

Breaking out of the ‘Tactical Trap’ and elevating CX to the strategic level (StrategicCX) to deliver exceptional business value is hard to do. It requires transforming your CX initiatives from a focus on metrics to a focus on thoroughly engaging with customers on helping them achieve their business goals.

Topline’s StrategicCX practice consists of a comprehensive set of CX Services that enable our clients to 1) elevate their CX program from tactical to strategic, and 2) maintain an ongoing level of excellence.

Customer Insight Services

Our customer insight services help our clients truly understand what customers are trying to achieve with their products and services, why they are or are not meeting those goals, and what the company needs to do to help them succeed. All of our Customer Insight services are available on both an ongoing program and one-time project basis.

  • Voice of the Customer – Interview-led CX programs and engagements add a new level of strategic insight
  • Executive Voice of the Customer – VoC programs for your most critical audience – Executives of your largest accounts
  • Retention Analysis – Pinpointing the drivers of attrition and the actions that will increase retention rates
  • Early Experience Analysis – Interview-led CX programs for new customers to accelerate Time-to-Value

CX Transformation Services

Becoming a StrategicCX organization requires new processes, new skills and new capabilities. Topline’s StrategicCX Transformation Services help companies make the transition. Services include:

  • CX capabilities assessment
  • Goal-based Customer Journey and Playbook Development
  • Training for CSMs and CX teams
  • Cross-sell & Upsell Accelerator for Gainsight – Topline’s Cross-sell & Upsell Accelerator program for Gainsight combines Topline’s Strategic CX Advisory Services with Gainsight’s market leading Customer Success platform to provide companies with an end-to-end solution for creating a world-class cross-selling and upselling capability. The program has options for customers who are new to Gainsight and those with existing Gainsight deployments.


Topline Strategy

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