New Opportunity Validation

You have a solid plan for a new product, a new segment or new business opportunity. You believe the market is there, but are unsure of some key issues. Before you invest product and sales resources, you want to validate:

  • How big is the market? What are the key trends?
  • What are the segments that are the best fit for my offering?
  • What do buyers NEED in these segments vs. what is nice to have?
  • How large is the addressable market? At what rates are new deals opening annually?
  • Who are the key competitors and where do I stand relative to them?

Because these questions are difficult to answer, many tech companies tend to make investment decisions with incomplete data. This approach occasionally leads to good outcomes, but it risks significant investment in resources and time – none of which you can spare. With Topline Strategy you can take the guess work out of the process. You can make decisions based on concrete market facts.

Topline’s New Opportunity Validation Approach

For each engagement, Topline leverages methodologies that have been honed over years of experience working with B2B technology companies to develop recommendations tailored to the client’s individual situation.

Topline’s methodologies combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to primary data collection and market sizing. We focus on:

  • Validating the opportunity for new products and markets
  • Developing realistic forecasts for your new opportunity
  • Identifying key competitors and determining their strengths and weaknesses relative to your offering
  • Determining what product features and functionality should be prioritized on your roadmap for long term success

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Topline Strategy

Topline Strategy is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in growth strategy for Business to Business Technology and Innovative Healthcare businesses and their investors. Our clients range from core IT infrastructure companies to technology-enabled business services. Since 2001, we have completed hundreds of engagements for companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our work has enabled our clients to generate hundreds of millions to billions in new revenue and market capitalization.

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