Our Approach

Topline Strategy’s vision is to bring world-class strategy consulting to growing technology businesses.

Our Principals combine experience at top strategy consulting firms along with hands-on operating experience in venture-backed and established technology companies. We have leveraged these experiences to create methodologies that are highly effective for evaluating emerging, fast-changing markets and use them to bring practical, action oriented recommendations to our clients.

The result is that our engagements yield extremely high returns on investment by enabling executives to confidently make the right critical decisions within their timeframes.

Primary Research Oriented

In our experience, the only way to truly understand highly dynamic markets for innovative solutions is to speak directly to the people who are going to buy them. For that reason, Topline Strategy’s engagements are centered on gathering primary data via surveys and interviews of our clients’ customers, potential customers, and competitors’ customers. It is the insights from our primary research about customers, competitors, and the market that form the foundation of our conclusions and recommendations.

While we review industry reports, interview experts and conduct other secondary research, these data sources serve as a supplement to the primary research.

Senior Consultancy Model

One of our primary differentiators is our Senior Consultancy Model. Our belief is that the quality of the results is directly related to the experience of the consultants performing the work. To that end, our principals are deeply engaged in all aspects of the work, including both the market interviews and the analysis of the data.

Industry Expertise

Call us narrow minded – We only work with business to business technology companies. Our fundamental approach of 1:1 conversations lends itself really well to business to business situations. Through this focus we have been able to amass deep expertise in many technology areas. Examples of our areas of expertise:

  • Data center infrastructure and software (including Converged Infrastructure, Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure, Hyperconverged, and Virtualization)
  • Security and compliance software
  • SaaS businesses for many end uses such as banking, health insurance, vending machines, legal, etc.
  • Health IT
  • Digital media and advertising
  • Information services
  • Tech enabled services

Fast Turnaround, Actionable Recommendations

We know our clients hire us to get an answers to critical business question and fully understand that those decisions cannot wait months for the results of a consulting project. Therefore, our projects are scoped for 6-8 weeks on average, with an interim ‘direction’ provided at the halfway point. Furthermore, because our hands-on operating experience, we develop our recommendations with the realities of implementation in mind.

Topline Strategy

Topline Strategy is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in growth strategy for Business to Business Technology and Innovative Healthcare businesses and their investors. Our clients range from core IT infrastructure companies to technology-enabled business services. Since 2001, we have completed hundreds of engagements for companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our work has enabled our clients to generate hundreds of millions to billions in new revenue and market capitalization.

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