Client Testimonials

Click here or the image above to view a testimonial from Brian Phillips, CEO of Bigbelly.

“The most important thing that Topline came back with is the need to expand our portfolio so we have a solution for more of our client base. We’re basically doubling our product portfolio. We were selling super high-end solar and e-trash compactors but there was a huge market for more basic, enclosed trash containers at a quarter of the price that we had historically overlooked.” – Brian Phillips, CEO, Bigbelly

General Comments

“Topline was…fantastic about iterating on the results to provide the level of detail, and the specific data, that each executive team member would need. Topline was always willing to dig further into the data. Working with Topline was a positive experience, I absolutely would work with Topline again, and I would recommend them to others.” – Mackenzie Merrick, VP, aPriori
“One of the most directly actionable pieces of research I’ve been involved in.” – Dave Kellogg, Independent Board Member, Profisee
“I just can’t say enough good things about the team there. Everybody is super smart and super committed. They picked up on all of the eccentricities of our industry quickly. Things that take us months and months to teach new employees—Topline just got it.” – Sarah Knoll, Senior Director, Customer Success, VitalSource

Market Strategy

“The Topline report gave me the confidence to take some of our precious engineering time and put it towards a new project. I don’t think that I would have made a decision to pursue a UK product without Topline. There is a 100 percent chance that we would work with them again.” (Read the whole interview here.) – Padraic Doyle, CEO, InspectPoint
“The engagement with Topline kept us aligned, validated some things, and gave us some things to work on…The executable that came out of it was great for us. It helped us realign our M&A efforts and validate the customers we should have been going after. That kept us focused.” (Read the mini-case with Peter McCann here.) – Peter McCann, CEO, Growth Orthopedics
“We had some very aggressive deadlines, and Topline was able to meet them because of its process and deep expertise in our business. When it comes to consulting firms, it’s often a choice between business knowledge and strategic orientation. Topline is unique in having both, and that is why I would recommend them to anyone in the B2B enterprise software space.” (Read the mini-case with David Keil here.) – David Keil, CEO, Lakeside Software
“The Topline Strategy Team entered our planning process at a perfect time to help our company make new data-driven and thoughtful enhancements to expand our forward growth strategy. Their methodology, detail orientation, and depth of experience with B2B software provided the insights we needed to successfully complete and implement their project recommendations.” – Gary York, Chairman, Help Lightening
“Topline’s research has been of enormous value to our rapidly expanding business. We did the research 6 months ago and we still use the information in their report every week to help drive our go-to-market planning.” – Kyle Conlan, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PlanHub
“Getting the design right is vital for pricing and packaging optimization studies. Otherwise, it’s garbage in-garbage out.  It takes a partner like Topline Strategy, with their deep B2B IT experience, to make the studies work.” – Richard Schreuer, Founder, Echo Cove Consulting
“Topline’s insights into how customers make purchase decisions has led us to fundamentally rethink how we sell. The ROI on the project is incalculable.” – Rob Erlichman, CEO, Sunlight Electric

Customer Experience

“Topline has a unique, differentiated approach that combines the typical voice of the customer work with a data-driven market analysis. The combination of these creates an efficient and insightful set of outcomes. I would absolutely recommend Topline and use them again. I was very satisfied.” – Peter Freeland, Founder / Managing Partner, Unbundled Capital
“We were impressed with the quality of work and strategic insights the Topline team was able to provide in a short period of time. Their insights helped sharpen our understanding of the customers’ path to success and included actionable recommendations on how to help along the way.” – Dayton Semerjian, GM, CA Technologies – Global Customer Success

Investor Diligence

“(Topline) has been invaluable in terms of helping us think about how to prioritize the road map and where to focus the team’s attention. I can tell you the business grew 300 percent last year, so we’ll ascribe a portion of that to Topline.” (See the interview here.) – David Berman, Managing Partner, Lorient Capital
“Topline provided valuable insights and actionable recommendations to the Board and company management, highlighting opportunities it would have taken longer to identify without their assistance. We look forward to working with Topline on future engagements within our portfolio.” – Bob Emmert, Growth Equity Investor, McCarthy Capital


Topline Strategy

Topline Strategy is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in growth strategy for Business to Business Technology and Innovative Healthcare businesses and their investors. Our clients range from core IT infrastructure companies to technology-enabled business services. Since 2001, we have completed hundreds of engagements for companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our work has enabled our clients to generate hundreds of millions to billions in new revenue and market capitalization.

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