Executive Voice of the Customer

Truly Understanding Your Most Important Customers is Critical to Driving Long Term Success.

Topline’s Executive Voice of the Customer (Executive VOC) program is focused on understanding the strategic relationship you  have with your clients. Our experience has shown that executive customer loyalty programs deliver value when they provide actionable business insights that directly drive change.

Our Voice of the Customer programs go beyond standard customer satisfaction programs based on surveys and highly structured questionnaires that focus on operational metrics and basic analysis. These standard studies usually provide good data on how satisfied customers are with sales, support, products, ease of use, but they often miss big picture issues.

With Topline’s Executive VOC program the focus is on our your most strategic accounts and the contacts are C-level execs.  The questions we typically get answers to include:


Actionable recommendations that drive change  

Our deliverables are focused on the organizational imperatives required to drive satisfaction and generate topline account growth across many different client related business objectives:

Executive VOC Business Objectives


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