Retention Analysis

Your customer has decided not to renew their Agreement with you, but you do not really know why.  An account rep is supposed to gather and enter this information into your CRM, but for the most part, what is entered is minimal information at best.  Let’s face it, must customers do not really want to tell you why they are truly leaving, they simply want to move on.

Retention Analysis Objectives

Topline’s Retention Analysis program is focused on helping companies reduce their attrition rate by providing deep insight into why customers do not renew and to provide practical recommendations on the steps the company can take to reduce attrition.

Additional objectives of Topline’s Retention Analysis are to i) provide a Customer Risk Assessment, where we can measure the attrition risk among active customers and ii) design an Ongoing Attrition Risk ID Process for identifying customers at risk of attrition.

Retention Analysis Objectives






Continuous Learning

By leveraging our Continuous Learning interview methodology, we will speak directly to your former customers and learn why they did not renew.  It is amazing how much information customers are willing to share when they are talking to a third-party and not directly with their vendor.







We will be able to get answers to question such as:

  • What was it about the company you were working with that made you decide to look for another solution?  Was it the product, the service, etc.?
  • Was there anything the company could have done to keep you from leaving?  Did they ask?
  • What was compelling about the vendor you are switching to?
  • If you have already switched, has your new vendor met your expectations?

Actionable Insights

Gathering data is one thing, applying critical thinking, analysis and experience is another.  At the end of the day, what our clients care most about learning is what to do next. StrategicCX and our Retention Analysis program is focused on delivering actionable, high impact insights to retain your customers and drive your business to success!

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