Today, aside from the personal toll of COVID-19, the leadership teams of companies selling IT products to corporations are consumed by one question:  How will the virus impact our business?

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Download the Report: How Will COVID-19 Impact Corporate IT Spending?


To help provide management teams and investors with more information, Topline Strategy conducted a survey of senior corporate IT leaders on how COVID-19 is affecting their spending plans.

The survey, conducted between April 14 and April 20 of 2020, gathered input from 220 US-based C-Level, VPs, and Directors of IT, who were able to provide detailed insight into how COVID-19 has already impacted their IT spending and how they expect it will impact their spending through 2021.  The survey included companies across all size bands and across all sectors of the economy.

Download our 37 page report and learn what IT executives are forecasting through 2021. 

Our comprehensive report will provide insights into:

  • Personnel and Non-Personnel Budget Impacts
  • Spend Categories Taking the Biggest Cuts
  • Spending Forecasts by industry
  • And More…