Whether you are launching a new product, or planning to further grow and penetrate existing market segments, a key criteria for success is to gain a deep understanding of what your prospective customers need. At Topline Strategy, we believe that the only way to really understand what Market Participants — your current customers and prospective customers — need from you (and your competitors) is to engage them in deep and meaningful conversations. However, if you limit yourself to talking to just your current customers, you may be missing those who have not engaged with you, and even those who turned you down. These conversations are equally, if not more important. They will inform you on what product features you may be missing, what marketing messages are not resonating, and what advantages your competitors have. To truly understand the needs in the market one has to talk to all Market Participants!

At Topline Strategy, we use the Sales Chain Analysis methodology. In Sales Chain Analysis, we conduct interviews with a wide variety of Market Participants, covering all stages of the sales cycle, and then supplement it with quantitative analysis of the company’s sales experience and secondary research into the market and competition as required. These interviews provide us with real insight into prospects’ decision making criteria, into the market drivers and key competitive dynamics.

By understanding the behaviors of the Market Participants, stage-by-stage, and conducting the secondary analysis, we develop a thorough understanding of the market. This in turn will enable us to assess our clients’ growth opportunity and whether the company can achieve its stated goals.

Sales Chain Analysis:

Gaining Insight into the Market by Interviewing Market Participants across the Sales Chain

Topline Strategy’s 360 degrees approach tests your growth objectives in a wide variety of use cases and market segments. Using our deep expertise in enterprise sales situations we will be able to assess the real market needs and problems. Our research will not only find out where your plan or growth objectives will work, but will also find out where it will not- the key to developing a successful go to market plan. If you would like to learn more please contact us.