‘Did nothing.’ 

There’s nothing more frustrating to B2B companies than to find out after spending countless hours working a deal that a prospect decided to do nothing at all – not buy from you, not buy from a competitor, nothing.

Was it because of poor sales execution?  Product deficiencies?  Pricing?  Did the prospect realize they did not need this type of product after all?  For companies that have a lot of ‘Did Nothing’ deals, determining the real reasons why is a critical exercise that provides the valuable insight needed to increase close rates.

To help our clients determine why their prospects ‘did nothing’ as well as other sales outcomes, Topline has developed its Sales Chain Analysis methodology.  In Sales Chain Analysis, we conduct immersive interviews with the qualified prospects that did not become customers to get to the real reasons why they made the decisions they did.

In this Topline Strategy Client Story, we discuss how Sunlight Electric leveraged Sales Chain Analysis to determine which of several possible sales initiatives they were considering would actually work to increase close rates.

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